Ubuntu Notification Daemons

The new notifications system in ubuntu is actually pretty slick, but having to run multiple apps to get the notifications is annoying.

So, time to make daemons for the notification system.

First, and only currently, is the twitter pseudo-daemon. And it’s wiki page.

Currently working on switching to an actual daemon and a gmail daemon, though python-libgmail is failing hard.

Any suggestions, post them.

BB Code Parser

I’ve been looking for a good BBCode parser, and never really found any good ones that were small, easy to deploy, and worked properly. They were either really large, required the whole class deal, or just didn’t work right. All the str_replace method ones don’t account for non closed tags, so an open [b] will amke the rest of the page bold. Some of the preg_replace method ones used something like [b](.*)[/b], which something like
[b]bold[/b] not bold [b]bold again[/b]
will evaluate to
bold[/b] not bold [b]bold again
Other parsers used (.+?) which will work for multiple tags, but not nested tags, like
[b]bold[b]still bold[/b][/b]
would evaluate to
This is fixed by adding a while loop checking preg_match of the regex.

Anyways, I broke down and wrote my own. It correctly parses everything I’ve thrown at it without any vulnerabilities, like javascript: uris, that other parsers had problems with.

Demo of BB Code Parser

Download as single txt file
Download in ZIP format


BB Code Parser – Parses BB Code correctly without using classes.

Maple Command Generator – Will create commands to use with Maple. Can create commands for most things done in Calculus I, II, and III.

Game Script – This is an adsense ready script for a flash game site. Demo is here.

Custom Style Generator – This would create a custom style using Greasemonkey for PbNation, but since they sent me a copyright infringement notice, I took it down. You can download the source and still be able to create the styles. You need PHP, and MySQL if you want to use the Showcase feature.

Wget 2 – Basically an alternative to wget that downloads the files in parts. It’s not fast, but uses a small file cache which allows you to use it on hosts that might only allow like 8 MB of cache. Written in python. There are still a couple of problems with the new version that uses XML files to denote the parts that are delaying it’s release.

Simple Remote Client – A simple client that tells you your uptime, processes, netstat, screenshot, and allows you to execute commands on a host computer through a web interface. The web interface uses PHP and files, and the client is done in python. Demo. Note: I haven’t used this in a while, I just use Logmein now.


DiabloOwners.com – Owners Group for Diablo Paintball Guns. Needs to have the code revamped.

OnyxOwners.com – Mainly bought to prevent one company from snatching it up. Just random cat pics now (or see all the kitties!). Available for non-profit use.

RicksNutone.com – Site written for my uncle’s company. One of the first websites I made.

PbBucket.com – Paintball News site. Never really got off the ground. Based on Pligg.

Xrho.com – Mainly used for file storage and PHP 5 testing.

Free-Flash-Games.xrho.com – Flash game site. Custom script I created. Available on the scripts page

MySpace.xrho.com – Site for MySpace codes, images, and other things. Based on some script someone gave me. It seemed kinda cool.

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