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  • WordPress YouTube Sidebar Video Plugin

    This is a plugin based on the YouTube widget. It’ll display a YouTube video, most likely in your sidebar, by calling the youtube function which you can specify the url, width, height, and if it’ll autoplay. It’s not much, at all, but meh. Download (youtube-plugin.tar.gz) This plugin is one function called youtube that will […]

  • WordPress Reddit Widget

    Number 8 in Widget-A-Day is a reddit widget. It’ll display your latest liked items on You can edit the display, count, and username. Not much of widget (can be kinda done via the RSS widget), but it’ll be the closer in Widget-A-Day. I might have one on Saturday, but there’s no guarantee. It’s been […]

  • WordPress YouTube Widget

    Number 7 in Widget-A-Day is a YouTube widget. It’ll display a YouTube video in the sidebar. Just enter the URL of the video, and it’ll show in the sidebar. You can change the width and height, and make it autoplay or not. Download SVN Checkout svn co Default display: Admin panel: Requirements WordPress […]

  • WordPress Digg Widget

    Sorry for the lateness. Went out, and it wasn’t working by the time I left. Anyways, number 6 in Widget-A-Day is a Digg widget. It’ll display your latest dugg stories and the number of diggs the story has. It can be customized to include just about all the information the RSS feeds gives. Check out […]

  • WordPress Weather Widget

    Number 5 in Widget-A-Day is a Weather widget. It isn’t too fanciful. It displays the current condition, temperature, and the feels like temperature. It uses‘s xoap api to retrieve the information. I’ll probably come back to this and make it better. Download SVN Checkout svn co Default display: Admin panel: Requirements WordPress […]

  • WordPress Countdown Widget

    Today is my birthday. Woo! So that means, I’m not doing anything fancy, so without further ado Number 4 in Widget-A-Day is a countdown widget. It’ll display the amount of time until a certain event, or if it passed, how long ago it was. Lame? Yes. Do I care? Not really. Is there Javascript? No. […]

  • WordPress Google Reader Widget

    Number 3 in Widget-A-Day is a Google Reader widget. This widget will display your latest shared stories. You can change the amount of stories to display and how to display them. Download Default display: Admin panel: Download SVN Checkout svn co Requirements WordPress 2.2 or 2.0.x/2.1.x with WordPress Widgets file_get_contents (PHP 4.3.0 […]

  • WordPress Widget Widget

    Number 2 in Widget-A-Day is a widget for the widgets. It can show the chart of your recent tracks, top tracks, and top artists (weekly tracks and artists don’t work currently since the value varies throughout). You can also choose between red, blue, black, and green. Download (lastfm.tar.gz) Here is the default view: […]

  • Compete WordPress Widget

    Compete released it’s API today, so I decided to make a widget for WordPress using it. Download SVN Checkout svn co This adds a link, your current rank, the amount of visitors, and your rank image to the sidebar. By default, it looks like: In the widget admin panel, you can completely edit […]


    XLMPP is XAMPP, but instead of Apache, it uses lighttpd. This is from version 1.6.0a of XAMPP and lighttpd is 1.4.13 from here. This is a very primitive release. There are of course problems with it. If you find something not listed or have a fix for it, please let me know. Usage: 1. Run […]