Pebble Watch

So I ordered a pebble watch, back in April, right before their kickstarter really started blowing up.1 And as far as I can tell, that was a terrible idea.

First, ship dates.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2012

Yeah. That was a joke. Now ok, demand was much higher than they anticipated. So yes, it’ll take longer to get everything ramped up.

But here’s the problem. That wasn’t the issue. They completely missed their ship date even if there were only 5% of the orders.

HACKER SPECIAL […] Estimated delivery: Aug 2012

Yeah. The SDK wasn’t nearly done by August. This isn’t affected by the amount of orders. This is software. You write it once for everything.

And looking at the examples of the software, it looks like the UI of something Palm made back in the early 2000s.

The demo video on kickstarter shows a smooth working product, but with every update, there’s just more and more evidence that everything in that video was just made up.

Second. What it can do.

Out of the box? Pretty much nothing. Use it for cycling or running? Nope. Nothing out yet. The golf picture on the kickstarter page? Nope. Nothing.

What can you do? Change the watch face. Change songs. Notifications. And umm, that’s it.

Third. PR/Marketing.

With all that money, they really should’ve hired someone for PR.

Tilt your wrist and the backlight turns on. AMAZING FEATURE!1!!!1 Yeah, my $20 Casio does that.

Only watch to display fuzzy time. EVER! Yeah, no.

Fourth. iPhone support.

Here’s the deal. The iOS is locked down. That’s pretty well known. There’s not much that can really be done until Apple changes their policy.

But don’t sell me something knowing that it doesn’t work.

Receive important notifications

They actually got lucky on this one. iOS 6 added Bluetooth notification protocol (MAP). Using it on my car, its kinda hit or miss. I get text messages, but that’s it. Push notifications, email 2, and new voicemails don’t get alerted.

But when it was announced, iOS 6 wasn’t announced, including any new features it brought, so notifications on iPhone weren’t happening. 3

Their response? Oh, it’s for android, except the whole promo video revolved around the iPhone. They are the more likely ones to buy these things. 4

1. Around 3-4000th backer.
2. At least on exchange. Supposedly works with IMAP, but would much rather have push email than fetch.
3. But mister James, mister James, there’s an API for the watch! All the developers have to do is… Nope. Developers around the work are going to modify/rewrite all their apps to support a watch, that 100k total exist? No. Sure, some will, but the vast majority will not.
4. Not that android users are cheap or anything, but I’m pretty iPhone users have a much greater tendency to buy useless tech stuff.

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