Ubuntu Notification Daemons

The new notifications system in ubuntu is actually pretty slick, but having to run multiple apps to get the notifications is annoying.

So, time to make daemons for the notification system.

First, and only currently, is the twitter pseudo-daemon. And it’s wiki page.

Currently working on switching to an actual daemon and a gmail daemon, though python-libgmail is failing hard.

Any suggestions, post them.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Notification Daemons”

  1. About that twitter python script: you might also mention that python-twitter is a dependancy and that people should make sure they have it installed. Without it, you get this:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./.twitter-notify.py", line 40, in 
        import twitter
    ImportError: No module named twitter

    Didn’t take me long to figure out, but I’m no n00b…

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