Paintball Headlines Theme

I said I would post the theme for headlines when I thought it was acceptable. There are still problems, but whatever.

Anyways, this theme is based upon this tutorial theme, but changed to have multiple author support, support tags and categories, and be a double right column instead of a column on both sides. There are a few other little changes in there.

Github Repository

I’ll try to update the theme whenever I change anything; I just have to remember to do a svn ci each time.

To run by default and not get errors, you need do need a few plugins, like wp_dtree. There’s also a classifieds plugin that I wrote just for headlines that’s needed, but I don’t plan on releasing that, since it contains db info and it’s pretty much just a MySQL query. In sidebar.php, just comment out the get_classifieds_new(10); code.

Edit: Changed to Github, since DevjaVu went away.

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