now has flash widgets

Neat. Looks like just added flash widgets, or at least, I think they just did. I might have been slow in finding them.

Anyways, instead of having just an image based on your chart, it’s now a fancy flash “widget”. I guess images aren’t Web 2.0 enough. Which means, instead of about 120 bytes of code, you can now use 3.1 kilobytes to show even less info.


122 B:

3.1 KB:

Yeah, you can see album covers, and the width is smaller, but it only shows 5 songs, while the previous show 10, or customizable down to 5. You can also use the first one in forums or most anywhere, but the latter, only sites that allow you to use html. Also, instead of having all customizable backgrounds and such, you only have a choice of four colors, black, red, grey, and light blue.

Another annoyance, it will stick to the top of whatever text you have below it no matter what. Add as many <br /> as you want, it’ll still sit right above the text.

Now, to be fair, I’ve added the recently played chart to my sidebar, and they do still have the image script available, and I hope they keep it around, but I’m not so sure that they will.

Anyways, here are the new embeds

Recently Played:

Overall Top Tracks:

Overall Top Artists:

Weekly Top Tracks:

Weekly Top Artists:

Vertical Album quilt:

Horizontal album quilt:

Vertical Artist Quilt:

Horizontal Album Quilt:

Radio Player:

Radio Player Mini:

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