Windows sucks at DNS caching

Here is the graph of my DNS queries in the past month via opendns


Notice how the left is about 10 times taller than the right. What changed? Switching over to Linux, and that’s it. I’m still doing basically the same thing as before. You can see that from the graph of unique domains.


Now, it does show it as less, but nowhere near the drop off as shown in the previous graph. Which leads me to believe that either I had some program that was doing crap it shouldn’t have been, or Linux is just better at caching DNS info.

If you’re wondering, the complete drop off is where I switched over to linux. It took me a while to get around setting up opendns.

2 thoughts on “Windows sucks at DNS caching”

  1. That’s nuts. Glad the graphs were helpful.

    I would bet Windows was making lots of DNS requests, although caching may also be part of it.

    John Roberts

  2. Thanks John. The graphs are neat, though I’m a sucker for stats.

    But yeah, it could just be that, though it’s still ridiculous.

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