BB Code Parser – Parses BB Code correctly without using classes.

Maple Command Generator – Will create commands to use with Maple. Can create commands for most things done in Calculus I, II, and III.

Game Script – This is an adsense ready script for a flash game site. Demo is here.

Custom Style Generator – This would create a custom style using Greasemonkey for PbNation, but since they sent me a copyright infringement notice, I took it down. You can download the source and still be able to create the styles. You need PHP, and MySQL if you want to use the Showcase feature.

Wget 2 – Basically an alternative to wget that downloads the files in parts. It’s not fast, but uses a small file cache which allows you to use it on hosts that might only allow like 8 MB of cache. Written in python. There are still a couple of problems with the new version that uses XML files to denote the parts that are delaying it’s release.

Simple Remote Client – A simple client that tells you your uptime, processes, netstat, screenshot, and allows you to execute commands on a host computer through a web interface. The web interface uses PHP and files, and the client is done in python. Demo. Note: I haven’t used this in a while, I just use Logmein now.

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