James Drake Wilson

Electrical Engineer/Software Developer

About Me

I'm James. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. I'm interested in working with cutting edge technology to design and build valuable and beneficial products.

I'm proficient in C, Java, and PHP. Well versed in Python and Objective-C. Have experience with LabVIEW, And I'm excited to learn, discover, and use any language or tool needed.

I have 5 years of oilfield experience with a strong understanding of the aspects of drilling and directional drilling.

I also have a software company where I design and build web and mobile applications. Utilizing PHP/MySQL with Objective-C and Java to build for iOS, Android, and the web.



Software Developer


  • Write and maintain front and backend code for FlightAware.com
  • Use a combination of TCL, PostgreSQL, and Javascript in a Unix environment
  • Work in an agile environment with a close team


Field Engineer (Slider)


  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot Slider Automated Direction Drilling equipment.
  • Responsible for training Directional Drillers and helping improve their performance
  • Requires in depth understanding of drilling and directional drilling concepts

Drake Apps, LLC

Founder & Lead Developer


  • Create websites for local companies
  • Build and deploy custom iOS, Android, and Web applications
  • Create custom embedded solutions using consumer parts and equipment


University of Texas at San Antonio

Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering.
Minor in Mathematics


  • Automated Adjustable Table - A moving table that followed user's movement by using sensors and an Arduino microcontroller controlled by linear actuators
  • Digital LED and LCD thermometer with customizable alarms written in Assembly
  • RC car light controller with customizable light patterns that responded to braking and turning
  • Headphone amplifier with 4 input mixer which included PCB design and assembly

James Wilson
[email protected]
(281) 668-7475